R.I.P. Robin Williams


Robin Williams, your name is more than that of an actor. You are more than the Oscar winner, who starred in comedies and dramas, for adults and for kids. Your performances touched me at the age of six as much as they do today; you were a family member to me, even if I never met you face-to-face. Rest in peace, Robin. We miss you.

About The Cinemaniac

Hi, I’m the Cinemaniac (but you, obviously, probably know me by another name), and before I start talking about me personally, I’d like to thank you, because you are taking the time to observe what will most likely be my greatest and longest effort that I have ever made. Yes, for me, every visitor counts, as I started this blog on the 30th of July in 2011, with a hope of gathering an audience who would enjoy hearing me address them about which movies they all might want to watch, which ones they might want to skip, etc.
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3 Responses to R.I.P. Robin Williams

  1. ckckred says:

    I can’t believe Williams is gone. There isn’t another comedian like him.

  2. japamas says:

    Cinemaniac — your father was fortunate to have met and talked with Robin !

    I was fortunate to have seen some of his comedies!

    The world will be a Duller place…

  3. Wendy Lofting says:

    OMG I did not know until I saw your post!! I was with Pam Dawber Robin’s costar in Mork and Mindy this June at the ranch. We talked about him. I loved him. Such a talent.

    Let me know a good time to get my video to you. You can stop by here or whatever works for you. Your movie reviews are top notch. Always look forward to them.!! Wendy

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