Bottom Line: Listening to what the critics say is not recommended for this one: they are being overly negative.

COWBOYS & ALIENS is surprisingly good. Think SUPER 8 + INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL and add the most recent James Bond in. On the other hand, though there was great acting from both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, the latter unfortunately did not have his classic, “Now, listen, you!”, angry moment like in every other film of his. Instead, he comically yelled at his son, “Shut up, you!”, quite similarly. Overall, the special effects were absolutely stunning in COWBOYS & ALIENS, and even though Steven Spielberg will never get to work on a Bond film (he has expressed since the 1980s that he really would love to, but he was turned down when he wanted a larger percent of the film’s earnings), he has now officially worked with a Bond actor.