Review: PSYCHO

First, let’s get the actors’ flaws out of the way: although Vince Vaughn does look somewhat like Anthony Perkins’ 1960 Norman Bates, Anne Heche has no resemblance at all of Janet Leigh. And they really don’t act all that greatly, either. From just seeing a few scenes of the 1998 PSYCHO remake, it is clear that this one is an exact, shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s thrilling classic. This, though new and in color, is not a classic. It is as if the filmmakers decided to take the original 1960 screenplay and use that without changing it at all–but wouldn’t it make more sense to write another, different screenplay off the book this is based on? I guess they all overlooked that. So if the 1998 version of PSYCHO looks appealing to you, go ahead, but I advise you, it’s basically the 1960 version, minus the good acting, minus the thrills, plus the color aspect. This is no match for the 1960 classic, and it is in no way a classic itself.