9-1-1 Operator: “9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”
I can say with much truth that PARANORMAL ENTITY does succeed at one thing: mocking PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. In fact, The Asylum mocks the film so well that it looks like an exact copy with everything–the nighttime camera footage, the psychic interview footage, the concept of breaking the fourth wall–except the scares that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was so amazing at creating with such a low budget. Besides the ripping off, PARANORMAL ENTITY fails at everything else: acting well, keeping the camera stable, keeping the audience full of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY fans from getting angry, making everything believable, being at least one-percent original, making a good movie…you name it. The bottom line is that I definitely do not recommend watching PARANORMAL ENTITY, especially if you are a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY fan.
Thomas Finley: “My sister’s dead!  It killed her!  It killed her!  My sister’s dead!”

NOTE: Not to be confused with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.