Professor Xavier: “You’re here because I need you.”
From the start of the flashback in the very beginning of this film, it’s quite easy to tell that it could have worked as a completely stand-alone film. And looking at X-MEN: THE LAST STAND as a singular film of its own, it was amazing and well-near perfect. On the other hand, looking at it as the series’ second sequel, as it was intended, this one really doesn’t come to being as good as the first X-MEN or X2: X-MEN UNITED. It’s good that after this no more sequels were made (ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and FIRST CLASS are both prequels, as are all upcoming installments), because with two very (very!) major character deaths, it really wouldn’t make sense to create any chronologically further story. That said, this is still worth watching, and I hope I didn’t spoil too much.
Logan: “Way to go, furball.”