Daisy: “What are you looking at, Caroline?”
Caroline: “The wind, Mom.  They say a hurricane is coming.”
Based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story of the same title, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON is a long, brilliant, epic fantasy/romance/drama.  It is a life story, with no doubt, but in absolute reverse.  This concept often makes the plot difficult to comprehend, as Benjamin Button (who is portrayed by several various actors throughout the film, including Peter Badalamenti, Robert Towers, Tom Everett, Brad Pitt (most namely), and eventually child actors Spencer Daniels, Chandler Canterbury, and Charles Henry Wyson) himself begins life as a baby in an 80-year-old’s body and dies as an 80-year-old in a newborn’s body, to keep it plain and simple.  On the other hand, without this particular concept, the film’s brilliance would be taken away, and it would be just any regular life-telling.  This film could have certainly been better (and shorter).  It was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar in 2008, and if this had been a little better, and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (the eventual Winner) had been a little worse, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON would have held its rightful award for Best Picture of 2008.
Daisy: “You’re so young.”
Benjamin Button: “Only on the outside.”