Bottom Line: Shocking and thrilling.
Rarely ever disappointing, LIMITLESS is the definitive thriller. Bradley Cooper portrays Eddie Morra, a man who is lured into taking a fictitious drug called NZT for his writer’s block, but as more and more people begin to find about the drug, writer’s block is not the only thing he needs to access 100% of his mind for (as stated quite factually in the film, a normal human can only access 20% of his or her mind). Granted, the film doesn’t get too off track with the fact that the drug was originally to cure writer’s block, as in the “one year later” segment at the end, Eddie’s book is finally released (really, that’s not a spoiler, because that segment of the film serves as a comparison to the epilogue of a book). But so far, if there were a list of must-see films of 2011, LIMITLESS just might be in the top three.