Young Victor Creed: “You’re always sick.”
Young James Logan: “You were sick when you were my age.”
The first prequel to the original three X-MEN movies isn’t notably terrible, but it’s just not all that great. THE LAST STAND was a considerable fall from X-MEN and X-MEN UNITED, but ORIGINS: WOLVERINE cannot even be truly called an X-MEN film. It can, though, be called an “X-Man” film, given the fact that it centers only on Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), as hinted in the title. The real thing that bothers me here, though, is that even though some of the other X-Men are here, we don’t get to see all the original X-Men like Storm (Halle Berry) and Rogue (Anna Paquin) who we loved seeing in the first three films.
Logan: “I’ll find my own way.”
Remy LeBeau: “Good luck.”