Review: BATMAN

The Joker: “Haven’t you heard of the healing power of laughter?”
Michael Keaton stars as a stereotypical, overly-generic version of Batman in this early, 1989 work of Tim Burton’s. The Joker, played by Jack Nicholson, is very creepy and well-acted, though not as much as Heath Ledger’s later take on the character in THE DARK KNIGHT. BATMAN is quite enjoyable, if flawed, and it is definitely not one of those “die-hard fans only” type of movies. Every moment is gripping and keeps you watching until the very end, whether you are a die-hard fan of all superhero-centric films, just a plain “Bat-fan”, or quite indifferent. Whoever you are, I guarantee you will find Tim Burton’s 1989 take on BATMAN very lovable, witty, and thrilling.
The Joker: “I have given a name to my pain, and it is ‘Batman’.”