I didn’t expect all that much of ALONG CAME POLLY–it’s a rom-com, and those just aren’t my thing. There were quite a few solid parts to it, but overall, it was an unrealistic, often-disgusting, ever-so-slightly original love story. Although Jennifer Aniston, who delivers some well-done acting, stars as the title role (Polly Prince), this is really more of a Ben Stiller comedy (well, I should just say FILM–does he really do anything but comedies?) Ben Stiller, sadly, just didn’t have the time to perfect his role, as he was also spending much of 2004 working on two other successful comedies (DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY and MEET THE FOCKERS). It’s clear, watching this one, that ALONG CAME POLLY was his last priority for a film to actually make beyond the average level.