Review: THE HULK

If you aren’t familiar with the franchise started by Stan Lee’s comic book series “The Incredible Hulk”, think of this as an intense, fun mashup between DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE and SHREK. I know that sounds a bit disturbing, but really, that’s what THE HULK is: a regular man whose anger level raises and therefore transforms into a big, green, feared monster. Besides that bizarre factor, THE HULK has astounding, mind-blowing cinematography–some of which actually makes it seem like you’re watching an onscreen, live-action comic book. And even though this one moves quite slowly at times, it’s a well-acted sci-fi adventure that, unlike many other Marvel adaptations (nods to SPIDER-MAN), is rarely superficial.

NOTE: Not to be confused with THE INCREDIBLE HULK.


One thought on “Review: THE HULK

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