Rob Hawkins: “It’s 6:42 AM.  Beth’s dad’s place.  He’s out of town.  And it’s already a good day.”
From the creator of the recently-ended TV series LOST (who is now known as the director of later films STAR TREK and SUPER 8, as well), CLOVERFIELD is the thrilling point where THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, and GODZILLA all meet. The use of the similar “cinéma vérité” and “found footage” styles are prevalent to the film’s plot, as it enhances the believability of the disaster which the story is centered on. At first, I didn’t think it was going to be that great of a film, as it began with a light-hearted mood, but by twenty minutes into it, once the whole disaster started to take place, I was thrilled. Also, the ending was not that great, and it left me flummoxed by how complex it was, but think of the endings to other films made in “found footage” style–especially THE LAST EXORCISM–if you may: they were the same way. Overall, I thought this was a fantastic film. To create yet another monster was a brilliant idea, and for once well-tackled. But if there’s one thing about CLOVERFIELD that really goes beyond expectations, it’s the cinematography and how ingeniously every action is captured–even if it’s on home video.
Rob Hawkins: “We got, like, three seconds left!  What do you want to say?  What do you want to say?  Last thing to the cam!”
Beth McIntyre: “Umm…I had a good day–”

NOTE: Due to the shaking camera capturing the movie, I strongly recommend that you not watch this in a home theater or on a large TV, as you may suddenly lose your balance or feel the need to vomit.  This is not just my personal advisory: according to an article on, similar warnings were posted outside movie theaters upon the film’s original release in 2008.