Bottom Line: Perplexing, overrated, and reminding of Groundhog Day.

Thrilling and complex, SOURCE CODE is a smooth combination of INCEPTION, FLIGHTPLAN, and GROUNDHOG DAY, with a slight romantic twist to it, as well. It could have been a lot longer, but that’s not to say it was too short–excluding the credits, it ran for an hour and twenty-seven minutes, which isn’t too bad, especially since everything was explained well in just that amount of time. Sometimes, to look at the disappointing side, the film just seemed like a feature-length ad for multiple products, as from beginning to end, it appeared as if there were Dunkin’ Donuts logos and Coca-Cola labels flying across the camera like a crazy GEICO commercial, but beyond that, this was a decent science fiction thriller with a nice, smooth, even plot (if complex), and an overall all right ending. I’d recommend it, because it’s great like INCEPTION, because of the complex plot and the whole “second reality”-type thing (or simply “dreams” in INCEPTION, similarly); but unlike INCEPTION, it’s less of a saga, and it’s much easier to sit through.