Bottom Line: Ouch.  This insult to the classic of the same name kind of hurts.

Attar: “Get your stinking hands off me, you damn dirty human!”
Tim Burton’s re-imagination of the 1968 science fiction journey is nothing like the original. That’s not to say it’s a bad film–but it’s surely not good, either. The director, who is clearly known for being quirky, dark, and (usually) brilliant, just tried too hard with his unique interpretation of PLANET OF THE APES, and it ultimately became a so-so production. Don’t get me wrong–this is a decent film, as a stand-alone sci-fi work of its own; but as a remake, it isn’t anything good. And really, if the film was looked at a second time before put in the cinemas, the last scene should have definitely been removed from the final picture, as it is utterly confusing, and it makes no sense. Without spoiling how the film does end, even the “deus ex machina”-type scene that was right before it would have made a much better ending.
Ari: “It’s disgusting, the way we treat humans.”