Bottom Line: All too funny, with surreal laughs drawn more from the oddness of Alan Arkin than that of Steve Carrell.

Olive: [takes out her headphones]
Grandpa: [stops swearing briefly]
Olive: “What are you guys talking about?”
Grandpa: [after a moment of thought to come up with an excuse] “Politics.”
Olive: “Oh.”

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE is an independent film, humorous in its own dark little way. Though the film comes across mostly a drama, it has its funny moments, and all of the humor is either subtle, clever, depressing, or a combination of the three. Though Steve Carrell, now known for his wittingly hilarious role in TV’s comedy THE OFFICE, appears as one of the more major characters, Alan Arkin (if any cast member) seems to be the one who draws the most audience laughs. In fact, Carrell delivers most likely the least humorous role. Though he does definitely still have his humor, with a big nod to the scene at the dinner table near the beginning. Other than that, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE is a heartwarming, sometimes weepy, and ultimately feel-good film. I highly doubt there has been one road movie as good and unpredictable as this since NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION.

Richard: “Everybody just pretend to be normal.”