Bottom Line: A year after GoldenEye, we have another great spy film!

Eugene Kittridge: “I think we’ve lost enough agents for one night.”
Ethan Hunt: “You mean, I’ve lost enough agents for one night.”
Eugene Kittridge: “You seem hell-bent on blaming yourself, Ethan.”
Ethan Hunt: “Who else is left?”
Eugene Kittridge: “Yeah, I see your point.”
The original MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is a spy film, and a great spy film. It is, in its entirety, a two-hour thrill ride.

Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Ethan Hunt is most likely the best portrayal of any spy I have ever seen. He has the wit of Roger Moore’s James Bond (using Roger Moore, because I thought he was the most witty of all the Bonds); the grittiness and hot-headedness of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne; and the occasional sarcasm offered in an original manner. Of course, it is tedious to compare him to Jason Bourne, onscreen, as THE BOURNE IDENTITY came six years after this, but to make it more reasonable, Robert Ludlum’s authorized portrayal of Bourne may have been part of what Tom Cruise tried to work toward in his character–and he succeeded!

If you have not seen this, be sure to catch it on TV or come across it in a DVD store. It’s worth at least one watch, and really, with all the action and thrills, it’s (nearly) impossible not to love.
Ethan Hunt: “You’re worried about me.  Why?”