X-Men: First Class

Bottom Line: More “Marvelous” than Wolverine; still has the different feel than the first three that is hard to get used to.

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn
Starring: James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender

Second prequel and fifth entry into the X-Men series is like a one-film saga of its own. Thankfully, FIRST CLASS is a notable improvement from the previous prequel, WOLVERINE, but it still is no match for the first two films.

It seems that much of the action in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is more of the “check it out” variety than the “look how intense the vengeful fight between So-and-So and What’s-His-Name is” variety. In other words, 75% of the action is just thrown out there in the open to amaze the audience with special effects, aimlessly and without much plot, anyhow. But don’t fret! This is the new route Hollywood is taking: ridiculous, nonsensical violence fueled by visual effects! (That was sarcasm, for all the mentally blind out there.)

Seeing James McAvoy as Charles Xavier/Professor X (younger and not bald, obviously) was quite an enjoyable change. Patrick Stewart performed well as an older version of the wise comic book hero, but after a few films, his role grew a little flat. Now with the newer actor, we can see a slight resemblance between the two roles.

The rest of this film was quite decent. It was the only instance without the “middle claw” joke (what a relief; that got so old!) from the Wolverine, who only made a brief appearance. Instead, he said what he meant, plain and simple. And that’s how the entire film is: plain and simple (but rather extensive) fun.