General Update

To my readers:

From now on, I will be using a different scale to grade films.  It is not a totally different concept, but rather an expansion on the one I have been using.  Below this message, I have included a conversion.  Rather than using it only from now on, I will also go back and re-grade every film with the new scale (those of you who get updates by email, you won’t get 350 emails in your inbox, don’t worry).  I figure it’s easier that way, and better, for that matter.


“The Cinemaniac”

The New Grading Scale

A+ = 5 stars

A = 4.5 stars

A- = 4 stars

B = 3.5 stars

B- = 3 stars

C = 2.5 stars

C- = 2 stars

D = 1.5 stars

D- = 1 star

F = 0.5 stars