Screenplay in Progress

I’m working on a screenplay entitled “The Darkroom”.  It’s (somewhat subtly) an homage to 1950s horror.  Click here to read the first fifteen pages I have down.  Also, feel free to tell me if you love it or if you hate it.  It doesn’t matter to me–actually, what you think helps me make it better.  Also note that my writing on this screenplay will NOT take up my blogwriting time.


4 thoughts on “Screenplay in Progress

  1. Great start – Really enjoyed that. Feels like a Twilight Zone episode

    I had one question about the following line:
    I can’t recall ever using a camera
    in my life, let alone touching one.”

    Perhaps you explain this later, but why would a guy work developing photos if he has never touched a camera?

    Look forward to reading more!

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