A Quote to Remember

I was reading the legendary Mr. Ebert‘s review of the 3D revival of Titanic when I happened upon this quote from him:

“…I hate the way film critics employ that word “flaw,” as if they are jewelers with loupes screwed into their eye sockets, performing a valuation. We can say there are elements that could have been handled differently. We can begin with some elements that are superb just as they stand.”

Something to think about when I write future reviews.  The man is nothing but a genius and he is the largest influence on my review-writing (what critic doesn’t say that?).  Kudos to him and his analogy.


2 thoughts on “A Quote to Remember

  1. I don’t agree completely, but I know I’m guilty of using that word. I think that sometimes it’s necessary, other times another phrase is more appropriate. Ebert is such an authority in this field, but I don’t think he’s a flawless writer, hehe.

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