As a sort of side project to this blog (though I’ll still be posting regularly here), I recently started up another blog in collaboration with a great friend and loyal follower, Sam Willis.  The blog is called The Two Cinemaniacs; click here to visit it.  Please feel free to follow and leave comments just as you are here.  We’d appreciate it.
The Cinemaniac


8 thoughts on “Collaboration

        • Well, it’s sure not all of us “youngsters”. I’d say at least forty percent of my school struggles to find a film they actually dislike and complains when they have to write up anything that exceeds two paragraphs in length. I actually have trouble finding people who appreciate films and writing as much as I do. There’s a few, like Sam himself, but not many. What’s great about Sam is how often he goes to the movies. That’ll give more recent reviews to y’all as well as tell me what I should and shouldn’t rent when they come to DVD. 🙂

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