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Please forgive me, followers.  I’ve been away camping since Tuesday so I haven’t been able to post any reviews for a few days.  I came back home not too long ago to find myself flooded with emails–quite a few of them comments and likes.  So I’ll respond to all your comments after this post is done.  As for my upcoming reviews, I will hope to (finally) see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow.  I could write an entire post regarding my excitement over that.

Something stuck out in that flood of emails, though.  I had completely forgotten during my time away that this blog was to be featured on Myfilmviews for a “Moviesite Spotlight” article.  I’m very excited that the article has been posted, even if I am two days late to notice the article.

So if you’re curious, and you want a behind-the-scenes tour of Cinemaniac Reviews

…click here!


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    • At the time, I was actually a bit disappointed that Newell didn’t write back. I was severely under the impression that one man (the director) could change the classification given to the film by the MPAA just by what a fan of the series was telling him. Now I see that it’s heavily unrealistic, and I highly appreciate the photograph. 😀

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