R.I.P. Tony Scott (21 June 1944 – 19 August 2012)

Yesterday at around 12:30 PM, a tragedy struck the world of film, when producer-director Tony Scott jumped to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge.  The younger brother of filmmaker Ridley Scott, Tony is responsible for directing and producing such memorable action films as Top Gun and Prometheus.  At the time of his death, Scott had already been announced as the producer for several upcoming cinematic projects, including a television mini-series entitled Coma and a potential sequel to Prometheus, his final film to have produced.  Scott’s last directorial work was 2010’s Unstoppable, the kind of film we truly needed more of.  Films of such quality didn’t appear too often in his career, but they are the ones we will remember him for.  R.I.P. Tony Scott.


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  1. Apparently, his family is saying he didn’t have brain cancer, so we’re really not going to know the deal for several weeks. And then, we’ll still never really know the deal. Either way, godd#m tragedy right here. Such a shame.

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