Grading Scale Update

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Within the past few hours, I have made an update to my grading scale: I added a B+, a C+, and a D+.  As my letter grades, is essentially based on the generic five-star scale, I’ve decided to keep it simple and have the new grades convert in the same way as the slightly higher grade.  For example, B+ is equal to four stars, just like A-; C+ is equal to three stars, just like B-; and D+ is equal to two stars, just like C-.  Now that I have made this change, I will not only be using it in the future, but I will go back through my two indexes and round down the films I felt didn’t quite deserve an A-, B-, or C-.

Peace wherever and whenever possible.

–Alexander “The Cinemaniac” Diminiano


4 thoughts on “Grading Scale Update

  1. Great idea to include a B+, a C+, and a D+ grade to your ratings. That gives a little more leeway to review movies. However having a C+ is equal to three stars seems odd. Personally if I see 3 stars I still consider that a thumbs up (barely) but a C+ feels like a thumbs down (barely). Of course it’s not a science, so open to interpretation. I’m curious how your readers view star ratings/grades/percentages.

    I applaud your update anyway. 🙂

    • My original idea was to round up, with a B+ being essentially a slightly upgraded B, a C+ being a slightly upgraded C, and a D+ being a slightly upgraded D. I’ve often felt stuck between an A- and B before eventually going with the lower one (i.e. Contagion or The Jerk), between a B- and a C before going with the lower one (i.e. To Rome with Love or Good Will Hunting), or stuck between a C- and a D before going with the lower one (i.e. Fanboys or W.). But then I discovered that when rounding down, there were many more cases. These were especially in my B-es, which often feel like C+es. Thanks for the support.

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