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Hello followers:

I just wanted to post a general update so as to make you all aware of a few items.  Two days ago, I began my freshman year of high school.  In case it’s not obvious–in which case you probably clicked the “subscribe” button without even looking at the blog’s title–I hope to move on as a professional film critic once I graduate.  With that said, I apologize to anyone and everyone who has adapted to my watching and reviewing of 1-3 films each and every day.  I have to focus on schoolwork in order to achieve that higher goal, which means that unfortunately, I must (cue gasp!) limit this avid activity.  I will, certainly, be writing film reviews, but unless I schedule a review for a weekday posting, these critiques will only arrive on weekends, recognized holidays, other days cancelled by the school district, and the nights that precede all of the above.  Due to Labor Day, I have a four-day weekend beginning this Friday (I’ll be away that day, but I’ll definitely have at least one review up Thursday night, and hopefully several up throughout the course of Saturday through Monday). I also hope to continue through my journey of watching and writing up about some of my favorites that haven’t been reviewed quite yet; I’ve only written nine of such reviews so far. (HINT: Click any word in the latter half of that sentence to bring up one of these throwbacks.) I have pondered as to whether or not I should re-watch Airplane! and/or Inception…I’ll leave it up to you guys.

At the moment, I have several films checked out of the library: The Big Lebowski, Bullitt, Chariots of Fire, Fight Club, Rushmore, THX 1138: The George Lucas Director’s Cut, and Zodiac: The Director’s Cut.  Please expect these to be the next films I view and…review.  For my entire list, click here.

One final note: I’ve set a goal to reach (200) followers by March 15th (the “ides of March”) of 2013–no later. I’ve decided that if this happens, I’ll spend an entire weekend watching (5) films I really, really, really would rather not see (i.e. Razzie Award winners for “Worst Picture” and some of the Ed Wood filmography), and schedule a review for each film on each day of that week. Come on now: deep down, don’t we all know the scathing reviews are the most entertaining reads? I’ll even take suggestions, but I’ll turn down any suggestion that exceeds two hours in length. My rule with film reviews is that I must watch the entire film in order to write about it. I can only make sarcastic commentary for so long before I begin begging for chloroform. Right now I’m at (107) followers. I encourage you all–of course, with recognition that several of you host blogs on which you want to accomplish the same sort of thing–to advertise and spread the word about my blog. Twitter, Facebook, word-of-mouth…doesn’t matter. I’ll add another: if I reach (200) followers by or before the December 15, 2012 (not sure how probable it is, but it’s 100% possible), I’ll devote two consecutive weekends to cinematic torture. Yeah, I’m willing to do so.

Peace wherever and whenever possible.

–Alexander “The Cinemaniac” Diminiano


9 thoughts on “Another Editor’s Note

  1. Great post Alexander. Good luck for your first year of high school. Don’t worry either, we will wait for your reviews no matter when they come.

    As a side note, I remember you posting aomething about sumbitting a guest post. At the time I wasn’t sure what it was, now I do though. I was wondering if that’s still something that can be done. I am currently working on a review for a 2010 film that will be done within a week. So, let me know.

  2. You da man! Seriously what a wonderful And professional post. You are right that without the education you won’t be able to achieve your adult professional goals. Can’t wait to hear about what you watch tonight and the rest of the weekend. Enjoy

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