Christopher Nolan – A Filmography Complete

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You probably saw my review for The Prestige the other day, marking the end of my journey to finish off Christopher Nolan’s filmography. Although I was disappointed by that film, he’s a fabulous filmmaker, nonetheless.

So here’s a brief little rundown of his filmography, of how I feel it ranks best to worst. All reviews are available except for Inception. I have that one on DVD, so just let me know if you want it reviewed. The more people who tell me, the sooner I’ll give it a third watch and write up.

1. Inception (2010)
2. The Dark Knight (2008)
3. Memento (2000)
4. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
5. Batman Begins (2005)
6. Insomnia (2002)
7. Following (1998)
8. The Prestige (2006)


13 thoughts on “Christopher Nolan – A Filmography Complete

  1. From best to worst, I can’t really number them, just separate them into two blocks. The excellent block: The Dark Knight, Memento, Inception and The Prestige. The very good block: The Dark Knight Rises, Batman Begins, Following and Insomnia.

    If we’re talking favorites:
    1. The Prestige
    2. Inception
    3. The Dark Knight
    4. Memento
    5. The Dark Knight Rises
    6. Following
    7. Batman Begins
    8. Insomnia

  2. Since Criterion will be releasing Following in December I’m anxious to give it another shot with all the supplemental features.

    Here’s my list (which will likely change if you asked me to rank them again in like a week’s time)

    1) Memento
    2) The Dark Knight
    3) The Prestige
    4) Batman Begins
    5) Inception
    6) The Dark Knight Rises
    7) Insomnia
    8) Following

  3. My Nolan experience is limited to his three Batman films and The Prestige. I’m with you on this one – I would definitely rate The Prestige my fourth favourite out of those.

    I would definitely be keen to read your review of Inception. It is one of those films I have absurdly not gotten around to watching, despite numerous recommendations.

    • He only has eight films, and a very solid career. Aggregates Metacritic and Rotten tomatoes both rank The Prestige as his lowest, but knowing that the highest graded film (TDK) isn’t even 20 percentages higher, it isn’t saying much at all.

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