Thursday Movie Quiz No. 1

While my “Movie Based Movie Blogs” feature is on hiatus, I thought I’d start up another fun feature that will appear on my blog every Thursday.

Here are the guidelines and things to note when completing the quiz:

  • Please refer to the web as a last resort. I can’t tell whether or not you’re using the Internet for help, but doing so completely annihilates the fun.
  • If you need hints, please email me ( with a subject line reading, “Quiz Hint”.
  • When you’ve completed the quiz, please rename the file “QuizFirstnameLastinitial” (i.e., if I were taking the quiz, I would rename it “QuizAlexanderD”). Then, please send it to me ( with a subject line reading, “Quiz Complete”. Please also include your first name and last initial in the email. I will weight your score based on how many questions you answered correctly, how many hints you have used, and how soon the quiz was sent to me. Your score will be added to the end of this post.
  • Please do not leave your answers in comments



Andy S. – 50%
Steven A. – 30%
Daniel P. – 30%


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