The Quest for Followers!

Hello followers,

I post this at an irregular time for a special message.

Some of you probably know that I’m dedicating two weeks to reviewing absolutely awful movies, if and only if I have a total of 200 followers by December 15, 2012.  I’ve made an arbitrary amendment to the goal, in which I’ll allow you guys to vote for the awful movies I watch.  Here’s how this shall work:

1. Recommend my blog to someone.

2. Assuming he or she joins my blog (and why wouldn’t they?), tell them to forward the “confirmed subscription” email to me (

3. Above the forwarded content, your own email address must be included.

4. I’ll be keeping note of how many times your email address is sent to me, and then determine how many films you may vote for.

I know it’s a while away (or so it seems), but once December 15th arrives, the film you vote for may not:

– exceed a two hour running time (I’ll give a five minute leeway if necessary)
– hold a Rotten Tomatoes grade any higher than 49%
– be an Oscar nominee/winner of any kind (you’d be surprised that films as awful as Pearl Harbor and Transformers have been nominated for Oscars)
– be an upcoming or current theatrical release
– be a film released directly to home video or television
– be a film that doesn’t exist (please don’t try and make me spend hours on the computer trying to find a copy of something called My Great Step-Aunt Shaniqua and Her Herd of Extra-Terrestrial Redneck Farmers)
– be a film no longer in print (I don’t need to recognize it, I just need to be able to find it)
– be an exploitation film of any kind (that means no “sexploitation” or “blaxploitation”)

You up to the challenge? Does it seem like a challenge? Show that you love my blog and recommend it to any–and perhaps every–film fan you know!

–Alexander Diminiano