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Before I sign off for the night, I wanted to reblog a post from Andy Swinnerton’s blog, which features an interview he conducted with me via email. Thank you, Andy!! And thank all of you who take a look. I implore you to do so.
Bon soir, tout le monde!
–Alexander P.K. Diminiano

Rorschach Reviews

Alexander Diminiano is the creator of Cinemaniac Reviews, a movie review blog that covers every angle of the Cineverse and is not afraid to ruffle a few tail-feathers with opinions that often go against the grain of popular opinion.  Check out his most recent reviews of Wreck-It Ralph, Skyfall and The Network.

Rorschach Reviews:  What was it that first got you started blogging, and how has that motivation changed since you started?

Alexander Diminiano:  I believe when I first began blogging (late July of 2011), I must have been bored.  Since films and writing have always been passions of mine, I had joined Flixster a month before, and it wasn’t so much I wanted people to read what I wrote.  I just wanted to get little snippets about movies online.  Now it’s totally different.  I love the online blogosphere.  I always highly anticipate comments from those who read…

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  1. Great interview for an even better blog. Ever since I first followed your blog you’ve been my favorite. I love others as well, but you are just amazing. If you don’t make it as a film critic one day, the world’s really not a fair place.

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