How am I supposed to say anything when I can hardly BREATHE!?

I love you all.  I thank you all.

I was logged out of WordPress today.  I thought, “Well, let’s see how well I’m progressing with followers…”

And all of a sudden, right before my eyes…

I felt my jaw in my lap. “Is the computer glitching?” I thought.





440 followers!? All four-hundred-forty of you (I honestly have no clue how that even happened, but I’m so glad it did), you’re fantastic. And as promised, I will dedicate two weeks to reviewing (14) films NOBODY likes.

Here’s my list below (you’ll know if it’s the film you requested, since about half of them are from request).  You pick and choose which rants you’d like to see, in the comments section  Just out of whim, I’ve sorted them based on an average between the Tomatometer/Metascores as well:

Alone in the Dark (5%)
Battlefield Earth (5.5%)
Supergirl (8%)
Leonard Part 6 (9%)
Glitter (10.5%)
Jack and Jill (13%)
The Last Airbender (13%)
Surviving Christmas (13%)
The Cat in the Hat (15%)
Metro (15%)
Postal (15%)
Maximum Overdrive (17%)
Norbit (18%)
Crossroads (20.5%)
The Stupids (21%)
Superman III (24%)
The Happening (25.5%)
Land of the Lost (29.5%)
Wild Wild West (29.5%)
Spice World (30.5%)
Arthur (2011) (31%)
The Bodyguard (32%)
Xanadu (39%)
Last Action Hero (41%)
Transformers et seq (42%)
Cutthroat Island (44%)
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (57%)
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (58%)

The two-week-torture-me-for-your-laughs (actually, I have fun writing about these kinds of debacles anyway, so no harm no foul) won’t begin right away; I’ll put up a separate announcement when the time comes.

Before I get cut off, I’d like to thank three figures for this overwhelming euphoria I feel right now: God and my parents.

Ah, what the hell. Thanks to all of you!


13 thoughts on “How am I supposed to say anything when I can hardly BREATHE!?

  1. Not to burst any bubbles, but is there any possibility it might’ve changed the settings to include facebook friends as followers? I had the same thing but that ended up being what happened, lol. In any case if that’s not the case than super congrats 🙂

  2. Congratulations and good luck on watching those movies 🙂 As for the number of followers, I think that widget also counts your twitter followers, because the number I see in my widget section is different from what I see on the blog itself.

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