Cinemaniac Reviews – Two-Week Torturefest!

Yep, that’s the official name for it now, I guess. I’m going to really enjoy this, or at least the writing part, which means your guaranteed to love reading the fourteen pieces of cinematic trash to which I subject myself.

In ancient Greek civilizations, citizens would use pieces of pottery to ostracize the Athenians most undeserving of living in the city-state. I guess the film-and-technology age has changed that. Below, you can vote for the “cream of the crap” (notice I wrote “crap,” not “crop”) and make me watch it. Click here to cinematically practice your democratic rights.


7 thoughts on “Cinemaniac Reviews – Two-Week Torturefest!

    • Many people LOVE Xanadu, simply because it’s so bad it’s great. So you’re certainly not alone there. I’m actually excited to watch it.

      Leonard Part 6, I have yet to read a positive review on.

      Alone in the Dark…well what can I say? It’s Uwe Boll!

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