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A few days ago, I was emailed by Isaacs Picture Conclusions with some very bizarre interview questions. I guess you have to expect that, as the blog’s own tagline is “An honest review from an honest guy (who doesn’t take things too seriously)”. Not much of the interview is actually about film, but surprisingly, it was fun in its own way. Take a look at the compilation that has been put together, if you will.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Alexander from  CINEMANIAC REVIEWSis not your typical teenager. He runs an EXCELLENT blog over at CINEMANIAC REVIEWS and receives all sorts of positive testimonials to his good work. He also aspires to be the next Roger Ebert and looks to be well on his way. But that’s not the full story. When he’s not typing away at his terminal or watching any manner of movie, he and his mom always seem to be on the run from machines sent back in time who want to terminate their existence. After conquering the movie review kingdom, he plans to lead a team of humans to rebel against the machine overlords and restore mankind to its wonderful glory. Until then, before the machines rise up and try to destroy humanity, if you don’t already, you should check out his site at CINEMANIAC REVIEWS. It’s really good. Recently, we sat down…

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