Joyeux Noël!

If you celebrate, then I wish you a very merry Christmas.

No matter whether or not you celebrate, however, this is a very special day. The day one of the most anticipated films of the year comes out. Some of you are thinking Django Unchained, but I actually speak of Les Misérables. I’m going to see it tomorrow, but there’s far too many thoughts swarming my head right now. So below, I have a rambling with all my pre-watching thoughts…in French. (I didn’t rely on Google Translate; I’m actually conversational in French. If you do not speak French, however, there is an English translation directly below the French text.)


J’adore « Les Misérables ». J’ai vu la comédie musicale il ya deux ou trois ans à un lycée locale; je ne comprenais pas la comédie musicale, parce que elle est une histoire de la révolution française, mais la musique captivé moi. L’année dernière, je tenté lire le livre « Les Misérables » de Victor Hugo. Peut-être j’ai compris l’histoire plus, simplement parce que j’étais plus âgé. Bien sûr, je laboure de juste demi le livre.

Quand j’ai vu quoi les critiques disaient de « Les Misérables » de l’année 2012—la première adaptation musicale—j’étais triste. « » dit : « Impeccablement montés mais parfois ampoulé, Les Misérables réussit en grande partie grâce aux performances de bravoure de son casting remarquable. » Si ça ne toi fait pas frissonner, la note actuelle fait : de tous les critiques, 72% aimé le film, et de les « critiques meilleures », 61% aimé lui. C’est méchant !

En revanche, je serais surpris si je n’aime pas l’adaptation de « Les Misérables ». La musique était quoi captivé moi premièrement, et c’est promis par la bande-annonce. Si il est légère (et dans les mains de le directeur de « The King’s Speech », il ne sera certainement pas), je vais probablement même pas remarquer.


I love “Les Misérables”. I saw the musical two or three years ago at a local high school; I didn’t understand the musical, because it’s a story of the French Revolution, but the music captivated me. Last year, I attempted to read the book “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo. Perhaps I understood the story more, simply because I was older. Of course, I plowed through only half the book.

When I saw what critics were saying about 2012’s “Les Misérables”–the first musical adaptation–I was sad. “” says: “Impeccably mounted but occasionally bombastic, Les Misérables largely succeeds thanks to bravura performances from its distinguished cast.” If that doesn’t make you shudder, the actual grade does: of all the critics, 72% liked the film, and of the “top critics,” 61% liked it. How awful!

On the other hand, I would be surprised if I don’t enjoy this adaptation of “Les Misérables”. The music was what captivated me in the first place, and that’s promised by the trailer. If it’s shallow (and in the hands of the director of “The King’s Speech”, that’s nearly impossible), I won’t be able to tell.


4 thoughts on “Joyeux Noël!

  1. This is my most anticipated film I’ve yet to see. I’ve seen the musical twice in SF, back in the 90s and again just a couple months ago. I know the score by heart.

    The holidays have been extraordinarily busy so I’ve had to cut my blogging down severely as of late. Haven’t’ been commenting (or seeing movies) as frequently, but that will change once the new year starts.

    Seeing Les Miserables on Friday. 🙂

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