Two-Week Torturefest Update

I’ve never tried to keep my love for Stephen King’s work a secret.  Ever since I first read Cujo three years ago, he’s been one of my very favorite authors, i.e. I’m not an avid reader, but if you hand me one of his books, you’re expected to shut up and let me read at least half of it.  At one point, King did adapt his work for the screen on his own; 1986’s Maximum Overdrive is not only based on his short story “Trucks”, it’s his only credit as a director.  Since the film has garnered extremely poor reviews, and I feel obligated to see it, I felt the Torturefest would be the perfect time to watch and write about it.  Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting my hands on a copy for free.  Not to worry.  I’m always willing to fish out a few dollars for movies, even if I don’t end up liking them.  Just to glance at my collection, with over 200 discs and jackets that encase them, makes me smile.

So I’ll leave it up to you guys.  Look over the choices below, and if you’re reading this in your email, just hit “reply” and send either “A” or “B” as if you’re replying to a regular email.  If you’re reading this on my blog, I guess commenting goes the “old-fashioned” way. If you can’t come up with anything after some thought, just pick by random. I write for all of you who are reading, so it kind of annoys me when I read comments like, “Pick whichever one you feel like picking.”

Yours choices are as follows:

A) I purchase the “Stephen King 3-Pack” (Maximum Overdrive, Children of the Corn, and Creepshow) from Amazon. You get the Maximum Overdrive review during the Torturefest, plus Children of the Corn and Creepshow reviews sometime later on.

B) I bag Maximum Overdrive altogether. This pushes the reviews initially planned for Days Six, Seven, and Eight, into the slots for Days Five, Six, and Seven, respectively; and the open slot (Day Eight) will be filled with Staying Alive, Sylvester Stallone’s sequel to Saturday Night Fever.

What say you?


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