The Two-Week Torturefest Pre-Game Post

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I was so elated to be able to post this on Facebook.  At long last!  The Torturefest is over!  Or at least the watching stage.

To be honest (and outwardly obvious), I hated watching these movies for Torturefest, and in retrospect, I have no idea why the hell I would vow to do such a thing.  I think Battlefield Earth was my fifth movie, and after enduring it, I wasn’t sure I could take any more.  But, obviously, I did.

Everything else about the T’fest, surprisingly enough, I loved.  These movies were awful (one or two of them I did enjoy to some extent, however), but some of them were very easy to mock.

A shoutout to the friends who joined me–I’ll leave you anonymous, but you know who you are if you assisted me in enduring Justin Bieber: Never Say Never or Crossroads.  A shoutout to another friend (and you know who you are as well): I’m not exactly a fan of the anime series, so I didn’t really think The Last Airbender to be so bad it was good.  Rewatching that is, as a matter of fact, on my “to-do” list directly below gouging my eyes out.

I digress.  These movies were, thankfully, easy to write about.  Each review took me no more than 40 minutes, whereas my average review can easily take up to two hours to write.  So tomorrow, please help yourself to the Two-Week Torturefest.  Not for the sake of taking recommendations exactly, but to have fun reading about all the hell I put myself through.  I had to substitute a few films when I couldn’t get my hands on the original choices, and no, since this is all for humor, you won’t be missing Monday Movies of the Mind.

Here’s everything that’s going to follow for the next two weeks:

DAY ONE (3/11)
Monday Movies of the Mind #10
DAY TWO (3/12)
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
DAY THREE (3/13)
DAY FOUR (3/14)
Last Action Hero
DAY FIVE (3/15)
Wild Wild West
DAY SIX (3/16)
DAY SEVEN (3/17)
From Justin to Kelly: A Tale of Two American Idols
DAY EIGHT (3/18)
Monday Movies of the Mind #11
DAY NINE (3/19)
The Last Airbender
DAY TEN (3/20)
Jack and Jill
Battlefield Earth
One for the Money
Alone in the Dark
Staying Alive

Check back at Cinemaniac Reviews every day for the next two weeks, por favor (or just, uh, read your email regularly)! And spread the word!


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