Monday Movies of the Mind #12

Harry Potter and the Sudden Epiphany

The Idea: a supposed eighth entry in the “Harry Potter” canon (following the epilogue in 2011’s Deathly Hallows – Part 2)

The Tagline: “Bloody hell, Harry! You’ve got no life!”

The Plot: Harry’s first-born son (James Sirius Potter) has just finished his seventh year at Hogwarts. To congratulate him, Harry has planned to give him the Elder Wand, the most powerful in the Wizarding World–but (SPOILERS OF FILM SERIES AHEAD) realizes he had idiotically snapped it in half and thrown it over a bridge at the end of his own seventh year. Harry goes into a nervous breakdown thereafter, blaming every action he ever committed on his own asininity.

Last Lines:
Harry Potter: (pointing his son’s wand at himself) “Avada kedavra!”