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At the same time that I am in the “watching” stage of my own Scorsesethon (reviews begin going up in mid-April), Andy Swinnerton of the film blog Rorschach Reviews is spotlighting guest reviews of Martin Scorsese’s outstanding canon. Aptly enough, the feature is titled, “Spotlight on Scorsese”.
Today, my review of The Color of Money was featured on the spotlight. You all know that I can get pretty arrogant/egocentric (sorry!), but there are other great reviews of the man’s filmography on Andy’s blog as well that I’d strongly recommend checking out. And, check out the movies themselves, as well.
So…without further ado…click the reblog above.

Rorschach Reviews

Alexander Diminiano is the creator of Cinemaniac Reviews, yet another one of the first blogs I discovered on WordPress.  Covering a huge range of films from classics to new releases, Alexander also holds the title of the youngest reviewer I have met so far, though you would not guess it by the quality of his site.  Check his blog out here or take a look at the Blogger Interview we did a while back.

“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better,
A little better all the time.
I have to admit it’s getting better,
It’s getting better,
Since you’ve been mine,
Getting so much better all the time!”
–”Getting Better” by The Beatles

268025_detHad The Color of Money not been crafted in the hands of director Martin Scorsese, I may have easily given it a pass. This is (in technicality) the sequel toThe Hustler, and there’s certainly a…

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