R.I.P. Roger Ebert (A Message from the Heart)

This is a continuation on my previous message, but this is much more from the heart to the main who inspired me on a daily basis:


There’s not one dry eye in the movie world. On the Twitterverse, 6 out of 10 trends are Ebert-related. The whole cinematic universe knew this would scar us eventually, but underneath, he seemed so immortal. It’s so tragic that cancer has taken ahold of him, regardless of where he is now (and I hope it’s a place in a celestial, spiritual realm with many great movies and buckets of popcorn).

If you are as traumatized as the rest of us, please do not hesitate to reminisce on the death of the auteur. We all need healing from the scars we’ve received within these last few hours.

The king is dead. Wish I could finish with the traditional “long live the king,” but there is no new king to hail. Even if there is, it’d be a sin to commend him. He’ll never live up to the talented behemoth we have just lost.

Rest in peace, Roger Joseph Ebert. The bard. The cineaste. The influence. The king. You were born on June 18, 1942. You began your career as a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times on April 3, 1967. And your life was laid to rest on April 4, 2013. But your legacy is eternal. Your spirit, your humor, your unforgiving bite, your irresistible style, and your love for the movies will remain with us to no end.


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  1. I used to watch Siskel & Ebert on the PBS-TV show Sneak Previews. It moved to syndication later and was called At the Movies. First introduction to the idea that someone could watch movies and actually get paid for it.

    He will truly be missed. 😦

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