Coming Soon: Review No. 500

A while back, I had you guys vote on Facebook for my 500th review.  I had narrowed it down to a cult film, and the results came down to David Lynch’s Eraserhead.  This is an update to let y’all know that I have already watched Eraserhead by now–and if not, I will soon.  The projected date for this review will be Thursday the 12 of June (a 4:30 review), but it will most likely be later.  Keep your eyes peeled.

“The Cinemaniac”


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Review No. 500

  1. Never heard of Eraserhead? What is it about and who stars in it? Are there any famous actors/actress that we know from today’s generation that are in that movie? When was the film released in theaters?

    • Have you heard of David Lynch? Or some of his works, such as Blue Velvet, or TV’s Twin Peaks? Eraserhead was his debut film. I don’t recall it having any notable actors or actresses, but it’s a really bizarre horror(-ish) movie.

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