A spur-of-the-moment post for which I can’t come up with a better title.

Interest piqued? I’d assume so, if you’ve proceeded to read.

Anyway. Your mind may not be as intensely blown as mine has, but I figured I’d share, just in case.

My grandmother was over scrapbooking with my mother and her friends (their collective hobby), and she said she’d found something she wanted to show me.

To be honest, I wasn’t very excited at first. Then I got a bit excited.

“I thought you might like this,” she said.

An article about Pulp Fiction, I thought. Yes! Of course!

I read the article and noticed it said something about premiering at the New York Film Festival. Jokingly, I turned to my mother, smiled, and said, “Hey, why didn’t you take me to go see it?”

She replied: “Because you weren’t alive.”

I was a bit confused at first, but then I realized, my grandmother would be the one to save an article from October 3, 1994!!

Mind you, this isn’t just before my lifetime, this was before the film’s wide release (I thought two months, but still, eleven days). The article doesn’t make it seem like anything special. Especially when it’s really an article about several NYFF movies, just with an iconic snapshot from the Tarantino film. Still, I treasure this.

I’ve scanned it for you all; if you’d like to read it (or the 90% that you can before the printer cut it off), it’s linked to this text.

Also, there was a little blurb about the top ten at the box office.  Because I know you’d all look for that exact date archived on boxofficemojo.com; but again, I’ve included it for the fun of it:

Scan 2


5 thoughts on “A spur-of-the-moment post for which I can’t come up with a better title.

  1. I saw this in my inbox and thought this was a post from Jessica (The Velvet Café). It just seemed like her kind of title.

    On the other hand, very cool! I’d been born already by 1994 but of course I didn’t see Pulp Fiction until many years later. But 94 was the year I started being aware of the movies. My first memory of visiting the theater was when I went to see The Lion King that year.

    • Lol. I just subscribed to The Velvet Café when you mentioned the blog. It’s a nice little blog, and you’re right, hahah!

      Yeah if your parents took you to see Pulp Fiction when you were four they’d need psychotherapy. 🙂 By the way, your birthday’s coming up, right? I’m thinking the 23rd, but I might be wrong…

      You still remember going to see The Lion King? It’s really ironic that I remember basically every movie experience except my first, and on top of that, I remember obsessing over it and going nuts every time I saw a one-sheet for the movie (I went to see something about Thomas the Tank Engine lol).

      • It’s my favorite and Jessica is such a sweetheart. You’ll love every post, I can assure you.

        Yes, it’s coming up on the 23rd 😉

        And I’m not sure if Lion King was my first, but at least it’s the first I can recall.

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