Happy Anniversary to…Live and Let Die!

Roger Moore was the FDR of James Bond movies.  He appeared in more movies by any other Bond, and he left the character not because he personally felt like he should, but because he basically died in office.  I don’t mean it literally, of course.  I mean that in 1979, Moonraker gave him a diagnosis for chronic silliness disorder, and by 1985’s A View to a Kill, the goofiness murdered his Bond persona.

But 1973 brought Live and Let Die, which is often considered to have the best Bond song, and some consider it one of the best Bond movies.  This was his first appearance as 007, and it’s easily the most fun of his Bond renditions.  Today, Live and Let Die turns forty.  I’m commemorating it below with a few videos, posters, stills, and (of course!) the Wings song.  A happy anniversary to Live and Let Die!  (Or, if you prefer, long live Live and Let Die!)

The title sequence

Featuring “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney & Wings




Fan art




Theatrical trailer



6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to…Live and Let Die!

  1. Live and Let Die holds up as a solid Bond movie. Roger Moore had different strengths and weaknesses than Sean C but the decision was made to take the franchise in that particular direction. I actually like the Moore era, as I grew up during that period. Sometimes it’difficult to watch some of those movies now, especially in the CGI age, but Live and Let Die (as well as every film) was just a product of its time and shold be respected as much.

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