R.I.P. Karen Black

She was twenty-seven when she landed her first film role in You’re a Big Boy Now.

That was ’66.

At thirty, she was lucky enough to be in a small role, alongside star Jack Nicholson and director Dennis Hopper, in Easy Rider.

That was ’69.

Thirty-one, her luck hits her again.  Five Easy Pieces.

That was 1970.

Just some more of Karen Black include

RhinocerosThe Great Gatsby, and Airport 1975 in ’74,

The Day of the Locust and Nashville in ’75;

she had a role in Alfred Hitchcock’s finale Family Plot in ’76,

as well as in River Phoenix’s finale Dark Blood in ’93, shown to exclusive audiences last fall.

A few months ago, Ooga Booga was released, featuring her as “Mrs. Allardyce”.

Two films,

She Loves Me Not and The Being Experience,

are completed and in post-production, respectively.

But on August the 8th of 2013,

Karen Blanche Black née Ziegler

has been cast away to Hollywood Heaven

by bladder cancer.

She was 74.

May Ms. Karen Black


July 1, 1939 – August 8, 2013


6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Karen Black

    • I actually remember her in Family Plot, and I saw that more than four years ago–she had a pretty small role, and I haven’t seen any of her other films. I wouldn’t have otherwise done a tribute, but she deserved it.

  1. Just heard the bad news; she was great at portraying off-the-wall characters.

    I saw that you said her swan song was “Irene in Time”, but you know she was in a slew of roles after that, right? I recently saw her in “Some Guy Who Kills People” and she’s made a few more since.

    Nonetheless, great write-up!

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