Introducing a New Featurette: The Oscar Throwback, ’00-’09

Note: this will be today’s only post.

Hello, all!

If you’ve paid close attention and followed my blog avidly for a while, I congratulate you once more.  Though in this case, it would have been much easier to check Cinemaniac Reviews on Facebook (which I equally recommend) every once in a while: I have now watched every Best Picture Oscar Winner from 2000 through 2009.  And if The English Patient doesn’t count, which is the conclusion of many, I’ve seen everything of the like from the last two decades, four years.

When I do watch The English Patient, I’ll have another Oscar featurette, but it won’t be as much fun as this one.  Why?  Just about every Best Picture Oscar from 2000 through 2009 has been incredibly divisive.  You’ll either entirely agree with me, or you’ll want to flog me out of my mind.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting this little featurette. Basically, I’m saying that if I were the Academy, here would be the more rational choices.  No, I’m not going through every award.  Waste of time.  I’m merely going through the awards won by the Best Picture Winner each year (usually between three and six, though there are exceptions), and answering the following:

– What else was nominated?

– Which of the nominations have I seen and which have I not seen?

– Which deserved to win (first choice and runner-up)?

– How sane was the Academy when they handed this award over?

And finally, I’ll have a quicker-than-William-Tell-in-A-Clockwork-Orange (it’s pretty damn fast) rundown of the nominations the winning movie (according to the Academy, in this case), just in case anybody feels like they need more.

Sense made?  No sense made?  All right then.  Come back on the schedule below:

September 6 (tomorrow) @ 2PM
September 6 @ 4:30PM
September 10 @ 2PM
September 10 @ 4:30PM
September 13 @ 2PM
September 13 @ 4:30PM
September 17 @ 2PM
September 17 @ 4:30PM
September 20 @ 2PM
September 20 @ 4:30PM




3 thoughts on “Introducing a New Featurette: The Oscar Throwback, ’00-’09

  1. Sounds good! The Academy Awards fascinate me. I’m planning on doing some sort of redo of the Academy Awards someday, though I still have a lot of viewing to go.
    But The English Patient should count. It’s a good movie.
    I love “how sane was the academy when they handed this award over” question. How sane are they ever??? Lol. 🙂

    • Redo? What do you mean by this?

      I myself haven’t even seen half the Best Picture winners (I’ve most likely seen more than 25% of them), but I’ve rarely heard anybody say The English Patient is a good enough movie to have earned its Oscar. Jerry Maguire and Fargo were nominated too.

      It’s a very relevant question.

      • I liked The English Patient, that’s all I’m saying. I could see some saying it’s too long and overemotional, but I really liked it. Whether it should have won or not, I really can’t say. Haven’t seen Fargo or Jerry Maguire yet.
        I’ve seen a little over half of them. Mostly from the 50s-70s though.
        I was thinking that once I’ve seen a substantial amount of films from any given year, I would say how it should have gone (from my point of view). Redo the nominations and the winners. It’s a long way off though.

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