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Not the Selena Gomez You Remember


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Director — Courtney Solomon
Producer — Ms. Solomon, Steve Richards, Moshe Diamant, Joel Silver
Screenplay — Gregg Maxwell Parker & Sean Finegan

Ethan Hawke — Brent Magna
Selena Gomez — The Kid
Jon Voight — The Voice
Rebecca Budig — Leanne Magna

Distributor — Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date — August 30, 2013
Language — English
Country — USA
Running Time — 1 hour, 30 minutes
MPAA Rating — PG-13
MPAA Description — intense action, violence and mayhem throughout, some rude gestures, and language

When the trailer for Getaway dropped on the web, we saw a lot of things that looked pretty exciting. Ethan Hawke was there, seemingly forced to be the wheelman for his wife’s unseen kidnapper (voiced by Jon Voight) and it looked like another fun, car thriller. Lots of people likened it to Drive for the gritty realism and character-centric plot. People were getting pumped. That is, until Hawke gets carjacked by Selena Gomez donning a hoody and putting a gun in his face.

Yes, in case you have not seen the trailer, that actually happens. And it’s not some cameo – Gomez actually has star billing in this thriller, and that’s what has a lot of people talking.

For most of us who grew up with DIRECTV and had our fill of the Disney Channel, Selena Gomez is many things, but a hooded, computer savvy, gun-toting carjacker isn’t one of them. It’s mostly because of what we, the public, associate her with when it comes to Disney Channel stars. These kids always seem to be a dime a dozen and, when they get too old to appeal to little kids, they make that all-too predictable leap into music.

Selena Gomez did that for a while and then just sort of disappeared from the public mind, replaced by the next Disney star. Then, suddenly, she’s playing a serious role in this serious film. The point is that we only remember her for the early work and, unfortunately, moviegoers have a tendency to typecast celebrities in a broad sense. Case in point: the incredulous reactions to Gomez holding Hawke at gunpoint.

It’s like how most of those “serious” Jim Carrey roles bombed or when Justin Bieber appeared in that episode of CSI and was gunned down by the authorities. Because of the cultivated image and the idea many viewers had of Bieber which didn’t quite match his character, it was a little hard to take seriously. When we sort of think we know a celebrity and they become so commonplace, it’s hard for us to even fathom them doing anything other than what we associate them with.

Can Gomez pull off this hip, rough-around-the-edges, tough girl? Who knows? Despite some of the more cynical reactions to her involvement in the project, she hasn’t really proven herself to be severely lacking when it comes to acting. Of course, she hasn’t been in too many films either and at least some of the more recent ones were not all that impressive. But really, the onus to convince the audience of the validity of a character is on every actor in every film – no matter reputation or the clout of said actor. Gomez might just have to try a little harder to convince us that she’s anything other than a pop starlet, girl magician playing pretend.

Either way, her performance could prove to be one of the most divisive ones in movie history. If she nails it, most of us will remember Getaway for how surprising she was – her performance will be legendary…And if she fails, her performance will also be legendary but for different reasons – all the wrong ones.

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