9/11 Memorial Post

Hello readers,

I am writing this post on August 26th.  Last night, I watched United 93, and I have just finished writing my review.  As you can tell, I’m pretty OCD about scheduling on my blog, so while I’d love to have the review go up today, I can’t.  In fact, it’s scheduled for October 2nd.  Yes, there’s a double-bill twice a week, as opposed to once, just to compensate for the fact that I was watching movies in July and scheduling the reviews for September.  It helps, but I digress.

I’ll be quick with this one.  There’s a reason I hope to watch the movie tonight again.  I was four years old when the 9/11 attacks occurred (actually, I had yet to turn four), but now I feel I have some memory of the attacks, or at least some true idea of it as if it was happening right before me.  Paul Greengrass wrote, produced, and directed United 93 phenomenally; it’s truly a through-the-eyes look at the events, and while difficult to watch, I highly encourage watching it tonight to commemorate the lives lost and the relationships broken on that day twelve years ago.

Let us share a moment of silence for them.


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