For those who don’t read my pre-review sections, I watched Final Destination four days ago and reviewed it yesterday. That doesn’t usually happen.

I can’t blame school, but it’s my own need to study and do well in that respect, and I only have time for about three movies a weekend; elsewise I get distracted.

My reviews will come less frequently; that’s to say they’ll come three or four times a week, as opposed to eight times a week. It might speed up a little toward Christmas, but I’ll have to figure all of that out.

The new schedule will be like so:
M – occasional guest submissions
T – review
W – occasional special feature
H – occasional special feature
F – review
Sa – review
Su – occasional bonus review

Enjoy two weeks without Cinemaniac Reviews.  Or looking back at old reviews.  I’m fine with that, too.

The “pilot season” (from BlogSpot) featured 43 reviews, from July 30 to October 2, 2011.  The first solid season featured 251 reviews, from October 7, 2011 to August 11, 2012.  The second season, 169 reviews, from August 19, 2012 to April 26, 2013.  The third season, 145 reviews from Cinco de Mayo to now.


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