I give you…the Cinemaniac Reviews commercial!

Buster Keaton and George Gershwin?  Beautiful.  Those two and Cinemaniac Reviews?  Ten times better.

And it’s for real.  I’ve designed a commercial that is, at worst, PSA-quality, and at best, GEICO-quality.

It’s only thirty seconds of your life.  And it’ll be the best thirty seconds of your life if you spread it, because I know you set out looking for my approval.  I know that you know that if you have a simple “thank you” (or a very complex one, which is more likely) from me, then your life will be fulfilled.

And I’ll be so thankful if you could spread this commercial in any way you can think.  Because I know you’ve probably discussed a GEICO commercial at some point in your life, or called and donated thanks to a touching PSA.  I saw Jack Nicholson do that in About Schmidt.  Let me repeat: I saw Jack Freaking Nicholson donate when he saw a commercial.  Don’t tell me your unaffected by commercials.

But my favorite actor’s beside the point.  It’s all about the blog at the moment.  And the commercial.  I’ve included it below.  Relish it.  Share it.  Build a shrine for it.  Do I have to quote Field of Dreams?  If you build it…ah well I can’t promise the second part of that sentence, and I’m being ridiculously verbose here, so…

…here ya go:


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