A Sincere Letter to All of You

I ask that if and when you start to read this letter, please finish it.

Dear Followers,

I would like to take a moment and say that I’m proud of this blog. I don’t mean that as a megalomaniac, which I kind of am, in some aspects, anyway. I mean that I’m proud of myself for keeping it going so prosperously and for so long. Whenever I look at my statistics, all I can think about is, “I need more hits!” But deep down, I really, truly appreciate the fact that I’m still writing about movies, even when I could have given up a hundred, two hundred, five hundred, or seven hundred thirty reviews ago. I had very few expectations of my blog when it first started, if I remember, or maybe there were some things I just didn’t consider. I never considered how long the blog would last. Since projects of mine tended to come and go at the time, I don’t think I would have expected Cinemaniac Reviews to last more than a year. Here I am, two years, eight months, and four days later. The blog still exists.

I don’t think I considered that at this time in my life, I would lose all the time I’d had on my hands. Which is good, because if I had considered that, I would have “chickened out” on creating this majestic baby of mine. Anyway, I was in eighth grade when I started Cinemaniac Reviews. Neither then nor in my freshman year of high school have I had to worry about when to watch movies. A little bit of homework, and the hardest thing really was keeping myself from watching movies on the weekdays so that they didn’t kill my grades. Now I’m in the latter half of my sophomore year. I know there’s some people who have even less time on their hands, but I’d die if I were them. My biggest struggle isn’t where to fit movies into my schedule. My biggest struggle is my schedule. My biggest struggle categorizes under such commitments as completing excessive amounts of homework, studying to the point of catatonia for one specific class that will never benefit me at all, driving with a learner’s permit, trying to have a social life, volunteering, going to church despite my lack of faith, daily meditation, getting exercise (I suddenly see why America has a wild obesity problem), needing to take my finals a week or two early, going to school, getting sleep, playing the piano, playing the guitar, playing the violin, finishing season four of Breaking Bad (so I can move on to season five), reading, screenwriting, applying for jobs…

There’s more, and I hope you all understand that this is why I suddenly have a lack of reviews. I am going on what you could call rolling hiatus. It might be in the dictionary, but as far as I know, I coined the term, and it means (in my case) that there’s no longer a strict schedule for my movie reviews. I’ll write one when I see a movie, and I’ll set it to publish for that Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, whichever is closest. The time will still be 2:00 PM. If, however, you object to the 2:00 PM time, please leave a comment on this post, tweet me at @moviefreakblog (preferably with the hashtag #RollingHiatus), or email me at cinemaniacreviews@gmail.com.

Thank you all for supporting my blog. For that, I love you all.

–The Cinemaniac


18 thoughts on “A Sincere Letter to All of You

  1. I think I speak on behalf of your readers when I say we breathe a collective sigh of relief that you never “chickened out in creating this majestic baby” of yours. School is indeed important but please do guard against slow-onset “catatonia” – the symptoms of which are never pretty. However one must do what one must do in order to be successful.

    Alas we will just have to adjust to schedule change. I suppose 2pm is fine. Would it be too much to ask if it could be 1pm. That extra hour would mean so much to our daily routine. Onward and upward is an admirable mantra to which I follow as well. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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