R.I.P. Mickey Rooney


R.I.P. Mickey Rooney
1920 — 2014

Earlier this morning, it was discovered that 93-year-old Mickey Rooney had died yesterday. No cause is known (particularly with the man’s extraordinary health), and a location has yet to be reported, but if one thing is indeed known, it’s that Rooney was a great for many years of Hollywood.

“At 93 years young,” an IMDb biography states, “he show[ed] no signs of slowing down or retiring.”

Mickey Rooney began acting at 17 months old in his parents’ vaudeville act. It was in 1926, at the age of only six years, that he entered the film business. In his almost nine decades with Hollywood, Rooney directed three feature films (My True Story, The Bold and the Brave, The Private Lives of Adam and Eve). Some of the 340 titles he acted in included over 180 feature films and his own The Mickey Rooney Show. The series, unfortunately, lasted only one season, with a pilot on August 28, 1954, and the 33rd and final episode “The Robot” airing on May 7, 1955. Another show, Mickey, featured him from September 16, 1964, to January 13, 1965, lasting only 17 episodes.

Mickey Rooney was not done with the movies. Two films, Fragments from Olympus: The Vision of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, were in production at the time of his death. Both are set for October releases, and we hope to see his face in both. Additionally, Rooney was rumored to star in Old Soldiers, another film currently in production; no release date has been announced. We await whatever swan song should come of this great actor, and we celebrate his past.


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