Into the Woods, Beside the Woods…Maybe Under the Woods?

When I say the name “Underwood,” what comes to mind? Country singer Carrie Underwood? Frank Underwood from House of Cards?

Perhaps an old-fashioned Underwood typewriter?

I know it’s going to be a completely different experience, but that’s what I’m seeking out of the one I just bought. Yes, I was just the highest bidder for an Underwood manual typewriter on eBay. Vintage. Antique. Whatever you want to call it. Anyway, I was the only bidder (how, I can’t exactly say) and god am I glad I wasn’t sniped at the last second.

If you’re one of those people who wants to read an entire post about a typewriter and make a snarky comment like, “Blah blah why would you buy a typewriter MacBooks are the new thing,” well guess what I’ll still be using this MacBook to write reviews. I’ll just be drafting reviews (and screenplays) on this manual typewriter. And if you seriously have the nerve to hate on typewriters for something as slow as a computer, seriously, just get the hell off my blog.

For those who appreciate this nostalgic treasure as much as I myself do, it looks sort of like this:


That’s an online image, and it’s not the one they showed on eBay, but it looked most like the one I bought looked on eBay, if that makes sense.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more pictures of my baby boy on this here blog when he comes in the mail. Yes I’m anthropomorphizing him. Is there something wrong with that? I’ve already named him. His name’s Pedro. Pedro the Processor.


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